The Years

The Brownsville Rural Fire District was established in 1932 and provides fire, rescue, and first responder emergency medical services to the citizens of Brownsville, Oregon and the surrounding communities in mutual aide. Located in the heart of the historic City of Brownsville, the mission of the Brownsville Rural Fire District is to serve the people in the Fire District, respond to emergencies and to protect life, property, and enviroment. 

Chief Kevin Rogers
2001  - Present
Chief Tim Frost
1992 - 2001
Chief Rick Petersen
1980 - 1984
Chief Roger Dorsey
1984 - 1991
Chief Ernest Cochell
1955 - 1975
Chief Jerry Anthony
1976 - 1980
Chief Clarence Keith
1943 - 1955
Chief Dean Morse
1932 - 1942